Canine Caviar Dog food coupon April 2011

by dog food savings on April 7, 2011

Canine Caviar dog food offers a complete raw meat (dehydrated) diet in kibble form. Canine Caviar is a holistic diet that considers all aspects of your pet’s health and nutrition. The food is easily digested and helps dogs with sensitive stomachs. It also reduces itching, shedding, scratching and hotspots. Canine caviar products also address health issues such as kidney, liver and heart disease, diabetes and cancer, as well as cholesterol.

Canine Caviar pet foods are on the list of veterinary alternatives. Canine Caviar is ph balanced and low in ash. Nutrtition is the number one priority.

Canine Caviar has an introductory savings offer for new customers. New customers can select from three coupons: Save $2 on a 14 lb. bag, Save $4 on a 30 lb. bag, or Buy one get 1 free 1.1 lb. bag

To get your coupon, simply fill out this short form.  Canine Caviar is available at some pet food stores and other retailers, veterinarian’s offices and many online retailers.

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