Science Diet Dog Food Coupons

Science Diet is a brand of pet food produced by Hill’s Pet Nutrition. Dr. Mark Morris Jr., PhD, DVM, son of the son of the famed Dr. Mark L. Morris, Sr., developed Science Diet in the 1960’s as a high-quality, nutritional food for healthy pets.

How it all Began

Dr. Mark L. Morris Sr. was a pioneer in clinical pet nutrition, believing that illness in animals was due to lack of nutrition. In the 1930’s, a young blind man named Morris Frank was touring the country with his dog Buddy, the first seeing-eye dog, to promote the use of seeing- eye dogs. Morris Frank met Dr. Mark Morris and asked him to make a nutritious food to help Buddy, who was suffering from kidney failure. Dr. Mark Morris, Sr. formulated the dog food, which was called Raritan Ration B, the forerunner of Hill’s Prescription Diet k/d.   More prescription formulas followed, for specific illnesses.

 Then in the 1960’s, his son, Dr. Mark L. Morris, Jr., PhD, DVM, formulated the Science Diet line for healthy pets. In 1968, Hill’s Science Diet became available through veterinarians and pet professionals.   

Hill’s began in the basement of Dr. Mark Morris, Sr., DVM, and today is sold in 86 countries worldwide, and has over 60 prescription diets and over 50 Science Diet formulas.  Today, over 150 veterinarians, technicians, food scientists and nutritionists develop Science Diet formulas to meet the needs of your pet. Hill’s Science Diet and Prescription Diet pet foods are recommended by veterinarians worldwide. Science Diet dog food coupons are usually available on the website, and using a coupon is always smart, and a great way to try a product for the first time. 

Quality & Safety

Hill’s is committed to the quality and safety of their products. To ensure quality and safety, these are just a few of the many measures that are taken:

    • Each ingredient is analyzed to ensure its safety
    • Each ingredient is inspected for contamination
    • Only ingredient suppliers whose facilities meet very strict quality standards are used
    • Product quality is constantly monitored and electronically documented through online quality checks
    • Annual Quality Systems audits are done at all manufacturing centers
    • All products are screened to detect metal and/or foreign material

Science Diet is a leader in nutrition in the pet food industry and is available in canned dog food, dry dog food and dog treats.  There are a variety of formulas for puppies, adult dogs and senior dogs, and formulas made specifically to meet the nutritional needs of adult toy and small breeds, as well as adult large breeds.

Science Diet High Energy formula is made to meet the high nutritional needs of hunting and working dogs, and is also ideal for dogs who can’t keep weight on.

Science Diet Ideal Balance formulas are made with natural ingredients and added vitamins, minerals and amino acids, and Science Diet® Nature’s Best® dog food is the first and only natural pet food to provide complete and balanced nutrition for your pet.

Science Diet dog food coupons are almost always available on the website and can save you lots of money on your  purchase of Science Diet products.

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