Royal Canin Coupons

Royal Canin is a worldwide manufacturer of premium pet food. The company was founded in 1967 by the French veterinary surgeon, Jean Cathary. In 2002, the company was taken over by Mars, Inc., the 5th largest privately held company in the United States. Royal Canin’s headquarters are located in Aimargues, France and there are nine production operations, including one in Rolla, Missouri.

Royal Canin dog food has a variety of formulas, targeted for the dog’s life stage, breed, activity level, and more.  All Royal Canin formulas contain a protein source in the first five ingredients. Royal Canin dog food is available in dry and canned food formulas.

Royal  Canin has always been committed to health nutrition, with the philosophy “The Animal comes First” and “Knowledge and Respect” the founding principles of the brand’s ethics.

Royal Canin’s knowledge comes from breeders and professionals, as well as scientists, in an effort to precisely meet the nutritional requirements of dogs of various breeds, ages, physical condition and more.

Royal Canin kennels, located at the Royal Canin Campus, assess food palatability and digestibility, determining the assimilation percentage of different nutrients in the body. A team of twenty professionals care for the approximately 160 dogs of 26 different breeds at the kennel. The dogs are well cared for and have both indoor (with heat and air) and outdoor zones, and are regularly taken for walks. The dogs also have daily educational and recreational activities, as well as weekly veterinary consultations.

 Royal Canin Ingredients

As early as 1997, Royal Canin introduced 4 parameters in its food elaboration process, including age, activity, size and physiological condition. Royal Canin dog food is a precise balance of approximately 50 nutrients to provide the best possible nutrition.

There are many formulas, designed to meet the nutritional needs of the dog.  Royal Canin Medium Canin Health Nutrtion 25, for example, is designed for medium sized breed dogs (21 -55 lbs.) between ages 1 and 7.  The source of protein, chicken meal, is the first ingredient listed. Chicken meal is a meat concentrate which has approximately 300% more protein than fresh chicken.  The food also has a variety of vitamins, anti-oxidants, and chelated minerals, for better absorption.

 Where to Buy

Royal Canin is available at Petco, and can also be found at many veterinarians and pet speciality shops. Royal Canin is also sold online. Royal Canin coupons can save money and can be found on the internet. 

Royal Canin Food Quality and Safety

Royal Canin has several monitors in place to guarantee food quality and safety, including:

  • a systematic control system,  set up according to the HACCP (Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point) method. All raw materials are controlled before unloading. In any nonconformity is detected, a truck will be rejected in full.
  •  Quality engineers and technicians conduct 300,000 analyses a year in a central laboratory, located in Aimargues, France.
  • A database is in place, storing the raw materials for a 6-month period and the finished products for 18 months. By so doing, traceability is ensured in all countries.
  • During manufacturing, recurring controls are implemented so as to guarantee the process, therefore guaranteeing quality and dietary safety.

Royal Canin coupons are often available and will save you money on the many varieties of Royal Canin pet foods. Many websites have Royal Canin coupons to save on food or shipping.

The Royal Canin website can be accessed here.