Pedigree Little Champions Coupon

by admin on September 20, 2010

Pedigree little champions couponsI have found a $1 pedigree little champions coupon. This is a pretty good savings because the food is not that expensive to start with. The little champions dog food is for puppies, but not just any puppy, small breed puppies. I suppose you could even feed it to small puppies from larger breed dogs. The little champions dog food is a healthy food

Here is a bit of information from the Pedigree website:

  • Nourishing dog food morsels in a delicious tasting gravy
  • The ADVANCED ANTIOXIDANT RECIPE Blend used in little champions which includes Vitamins C & E and also taurine which is proven to help promote healthy cell development and support the immune system to help your dog live a long, healthy life
  • Higher protein and fat levels to help provide the energy that your growing puppy needs
  • The ingredients used in Little Champions are highly digestible, so nutrients are easily absorbed

Little Champions Coupon

To get your coupon you can visit this link the link will take you to the Pedigree dog food site where the pedigree coupon is hosted.

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