Pedigree Dog Food Coupons

PEDIGREE® dog food was first manufactured in 1957 and is now a subsidiary of Mars, Inc. PEDIGREE®dog food is nutritious dog food. PEDIGREE® does everything for the love of dogs. The newest PEDIGREE® dog food formulas are based on research from the Waltham Centre for Pet Nutrition, the world’s leading authority on pet care and nutrition.

The Waltham Centre for Pet Nutrition determined there are 4 universal needs of dogs, including: skin and coat, oral care, digestion and immunity. Waltham has determined these 4 needs benefit from additional nutrition that goes beyond the normal canine diet.

Based on Waltham Centre research, PEDIGREE® dog food has been improved:


The new PEDIGREE®  dry food recipes are highly digestible and have been formulated to contain a new blend of soluble and insoluble fiber . This helps support the health of the digestive system, to promote optimum nutrient absorption and stool quality.


The level of linoleic acid has been increased in the new PEDIGREE®  dry dog food recipes. When compared to other leading dry dog food brands, these reformulated recipes have leading levels of linoleic acid and optimal levels of zinc.


New PEDIGREE® Brand dry food for dogs provides oral care benefits through its patented X-shaped kibble.  This kibble is included in the brand’s newly developed adult dog food. The oral health emphasis in PEDIGREE® Puppy is focused on development of strong teeth by optimizing calcium and phosphorus levels.


These new recipes contain higher levels of vitamin E and vitamin C, when compared to many other brands. The new PEDIGREE® Food for Dogs dry recipes provide immune support by delivering the right levels of antioxid

PEDIGREE®dry dog food comes in formulas for various life stages as well as formulas aimed at treating specific conditions, such as skin and coat problems or weight problems.  PEDIGREE® is also available in canned formulas and a variety of treats.

PEDIGREE® dog food coupons are often on the website and can also be found in newspapers and magazines’ coupon sections.

PEDIGREE® Foundation helps dogless people find a dog and helps dogs get adopted from shelters. When you adopt a dog through the PEDIGREE® Foundation, you’ll get a free month’s supply of pet food from PEDIGREE®, as their way of saying thank you.

To find out more about PEDIGREE® dog food, visit their website.