Orijen Dog Food Coupons

Orijen is Canada’s award-winning pet food maker, which began in 1985. The focus of Orijen is “the use of fresh, regional ingredients to produce biologically appropriate foods that promote peak health in dogs and cats and peace of mind to the people who love them.”

From their humble beginnings as a regional pet food maker, Orijen’s reputation for authenticity has grown to span more than 60 countries worldwide.  Different from conventional pet food manufacturers, Orijen’s “Biologically Appropriate Focus” means their foods are formulated to nourish pets in keeping with their evolutionary and anatomical adaptation to protein-rich diets, including a broad variety of fresh meats. Orijen does not buy the bulk commodity ingredients that are often used in conventional pet foods.

Orijen uses fresh meats that are farmed, fished or ranched within the region by people they trust. Orijen claims ingredients in their pet foods are unmatched by any other pet food on earth. Orijen ingredients are fit for human consumption by the government of Canada.  Fresh ingredients arrive daily and are free of preseratives.

Many foods are sold by a company, but not made by that company. Orijen is an independant and authentic pet food maker, they produce and package their products in their own facility.

The Concept

The Biologically Appropriate Concept means to mirror the balance and variety of foods that dogs would consume in their natural enviroment. Orijen pet foods feature the freshest meat and exclude many ingredients found in conventional pet foods, such as high-gylcemic cereal grains and vegetable proteins that aren’t present in a dog’s natural diet.

Ingredients  include free-run chicken and turkey,  fresh eggs, free-range meats and fresh saltwater and freshwater fish, at a ratio of 80% meat, 20% fruits and vegetables and 0% grains. Orijen believes by mirroring the foods dogs were intended to eat, the result is peak health and happiness of your dog.


Orijen has many dog food formulas, including:

  • Puppy – free-run chicken and turkey, eggs, and wild-caught fish, carbohydrate limited and grain free, includes healthful regional fruits and vegetables, naturally rich in phytonutrients, B vitamins and essential minerals your puppy needs.
  • Puppy Large Breed – formulted specifically for large breed puppies, made with special low-ash chicken and fish ingredients that keep calcium and phosphorous at healthy levels
  • Adult Dog – loaded with protein-packed meat ingrdietns, whole eggs and wild-caught fish, carbohydrate limited and grain free to replicate the dog’s natural diet.
  • 6 Fish Dog – loaded with high ratios of salmon, flounder and herring, plus wild-caught wildfish, walleye and northern pike, plus a broad selection of fruits and vegetables and veterinarian selected botanicals, such as sea vegetables, juniper berries and marigold flowers
  • Regional Red – includes wild boar, beef and lamb, heritage pork and bison, fresh and free from preservatives, infused with HDA and EPA omega-3 fatty acids, with B vitamins, trace minerals and veterinarian-selected botanicals
  • Senior Dog – free-run chicken adn turkey, carboyhdrate-limited and grain-free, with healthy fruits and vegetables and botanicals, naturally rich in phytonutrients, B vitamins and essential trace minerals

Where to Buy

Orijen is sold exclusively at pet specialty shops and veterinarian practices, in over 60 countries.

Orijen dog food  coupons can be hard to find but it’s a good idea to check the manufacturer’s website to look for any promotions or coupons.

Visit the Orijen website for more information on this superior pet food.