Nutro Max Dog Food Coupons

The Nutro Company began in 1926 as a family run business in the small town of Industry, California.  In 1976, the company expanded its market, and today, Nutro products can be purchased in the United States, Asia, Australia, Canada, Europe and New Zealand.

The Nutro Company’s pet nutrition philosophy is to constantly provide better ingredients and better nutrition for better health, using natural ingredients.   Their products consist of high quality natural ingredients, fortified with essential vitamins and minerals. Their goal is to provide “a lifetime of health for your pet, through the power of natural nutrition.”


The Nutro Company adheres to industry leading food safety and quality standards.  The following steps are taken to ensure quality and safety of pet food:

  • Nutro pet products are made in their own facilities, one in Lebanon, Tennessee, and the other located in Victorville, California.
  • They have dedicated quality and sanitation experts at both facilities to ensure quality and safety. 
  • Nutro tests key ingredients before using them to ensure nutritional and food safety parameters are met.
  • They test shipments of grains for mycotoxins before unloading them.
  • Every finished product is tested to confirm microbiological safety, nutritional compliance, and shelf stability through oxidation testing.

Nutro MAX dog food is made of natural ingredients with vitamins and minerals to provide 100% balanced nutrition for dogs of all ages. It comes in formulas for all 3 life stage and breed sizes, and has formulas for certain conditions, such as skin and coat and weight management.


Nutro believes that customer loyalty should be rewarded.  Their website has a link to the latest Nutro dog food coupons and special offers.

Members of the My Nutro Rewards programs receive even more perks. Members can:

  • Enjoy exclusive offers and discounts
  • Enter contests and earn prizes for your pet
  • Receive tailored information and previews of Nutro products
  • Enjoy easy access to customer care.

To learn more about Nutro Max and get Nutro Max dog food coupons, visit their website.