Nutro Natural Choice Dog Food Coupons

Natural Choice dog food is manufactured by the Nutro Company and provides balanced nutrition, including all the essential vitamins and minerals dogs need for a strong, healthy immune system and great overall health.

Natural Choice offers a variety of dog foods for dogs of all life stages, life styles, breeds and food to help certain conditions, such as skin and coat, weight, and stomach sensitivity.

Ingredients used in Natural Choice dog food are carefully selected, like farm-raised chicken, New Zealand deboned lamb and whole brown rice. Highly digestible ingredients and balanced fiber sources promote digestive health. A patented mineral and omega-6 fatty combination nourish your dog’s skin and coat. Fomulas provide targeted levels of proteins, fats and carboyhydrates for all stages of life and activity levels to keep dogs lean and healthy.

Nutrition Philosophy

Natural Choice invests millions of dollars in research and development and enlists experts, such as veterinarians, animal nutritionists, food chemists, microbioligsts and animal physiologists to help create the best dog food. They also work with research co-ops, universities and the Waltham Centre for Pet Nutrition, the leading authority on pet care nutrition,  in developing their dog food formulas.


  • All Natural Choice pet food is fortified with vitamins and minerals and is produced in their facilities located in Lebanon, TN and Victorville, CA.
  • Dedicated quality experts at the facilities ensure the quality and safety of pet food.
  • Dedicated sanitation experts are at both facilities.
  • Facilities are FDA inspected and adhere to GMP, GHP and HACCP regulations.
  • Several ingredient tests are conducted on each ingredient.
  • Every grain shipment is tested for mycotoxins before they are unloaded.
  • Every finished batch of product is tested to confirm microbiological safety, nutritional compliance and shelf stability through oxidation testing.
  • All ingredients can be traced back to the supplier.
  • Sanitation plans are supported by at least one complete shut-down for an in-depth cleaning and sanitation program weekly.


Natural Choice is available in dry dog food, cans, trays, biscuits and treats.

Dry Food

Dry food is available in over 20 formulas, including puppy, adult, small breed, large breed, grain free, high energy, lite, and senior formulas.

Canned food

There are 20 canned  Natural Choice formulas including formulas for puppies, adults, seniors, weight management, high energy, large breed, and sensitive skin and stomach formulas.


Natural Choice trays include 2 puppy formulas and 4 adult formulas.


Natural Choice biscuits come in 8 varieties:  Tartar Control, Puppy, Large Breed Puppy, Lite Adult, Chops, Large Breed Puppy Rice & Lamb Meal, Large Breed Adult and Adult Sensitive Stomach.


Natural Choice Treats include: Crunchy Treats with Apple, Training Bits, Crunchy Treats with Berries, Lamb & Rice Treats, Crunchy Treats with Carrots, and Chicken and Rice Treats.

Where to Buy

Natural Choice is sold at many feed stores and speciality pet stores. Nutro Natural Choice dog food coupons are often found on the Natural Choice website and in local retailer’s advertisements.

For more information on Natural Choice pet food, visit the Natural Choice website.