Free Shipping with Halo Dog Food Coupon Code

halo free shipping coupon code

by admin on November 2, 2010

Sometimes buying dog food online is a lot cheaper than buying it in the store, the only downfall is that you have to pay for shipping! If you want to save money by buying dog food online AND get free shipping you can use this halo dog food coupon code!

You can use this halo coupon code on the official Halo website

Free Shipping Details

The deal is that if you spend over $60 on Halo dog food or cat food then you get free shipping WITH the coupon code. If you do not feed your dog Halo then you can still get the wet dog food as a treat for your dog. The wet halo spots stew is a great treat for pets and you can find details about it below.


Enter free60ship in the coupon code section to get free shipping

What is Halo Spots Stew? Here is some information from the Halo Website

The “Gold Standard” in natural dog food for over 20 years.
  • Highest quality protein: Whole meats and grains, fresh vegetables
  • Superb taste and digestibility
  • No inferior by-products, rendered meats or meals
  • Formulated for optimum protein and complete nutrition
  • Helps keep body tone and rebuild body tissue
  • Ideal for all life stages

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