Evo Dog Food Coupons

The makers of Evo dog food are Natura Pet Products, founded in 1992 and based in Santa Clara, California. Evo dog food is tailered to mimic the diets of dogs in the wild, with low carbohydrate formulas.

The Evo dog food formulas are  based on very high protein, low carbohydrate, and grain free formulas to meet dietary needs of pets.  The first 5 ingredients of all dry formulas are proteins, in the form of meat or meat concentrates.  Meat sources include lamb, beef, buffalo, venison, turkey, chicken meal, salmon, chicken, herring and turkey meal.

Evo created the first ever grain free, low carb pet food, with potatoes being the main carbohydrate source. Potatoes have a low glycemic index number, meaning they help to control blood sugar.

The fish meal sources, salmon meal and herring meal, are ethoxyquin-free and are excellent protein sources.

Dry Formulas

Evo Turkey & Chicken

Evo Turkey and Chicken is totally grain free. First five ingredients are turkey, chicken, turkey meal, chicken meal and potatoes. Other ingredients: herring meal, chicken fat, natural flavors, apples, tomatoes, potassium chloride, carrots, vitamins, cottage cheese, minerals, alfalfa sprouts, dried chicory roots, Direct-fed microbial and ascorbic acid Crude Protein (min.): 42% Crude Fat (min.): 22%.

Evo Red Meat Formula

Totally grain free, with potatoes the only starch. The first five ingredients are beef, lamb meal, potatoes, sunflower oil and buffalo. Other ingredients include: lamb, venison, hearing oil, natural flavors, apples, carrots,  tomatoes, alfalfa sprouts, cottage cheese, potassium chloride, vitamins, minerals, dried chicory roots and direct-fed microbial. Crude Protein (min) 42%; Crude Fat (min) 22%.

Evo Herring and Salmon

First five ingredients are herring, salmon meal, herring meal, peas and salmon. Other ingredients include: herring oil, pea fiber, eggs, sunflower oil, apples, carrots, cottage cheese, dried chicory root, gulcosamine hydrochoride, chondroitin sulfate. Crude Protein (min): 42.98%; Crude Fat (min): 18.6%

Evo Weight Managment

Evo Weight Management is totally grain free. The first five ingredients are turkey, chicken, chicken meal, turkey meal and peas. Other ingredients include pumpkin, tomatoes, herring oil, apples, carrots, cottage cheese, dried chicory root, alfalfa sprouts, eggs. Crude Protein (min): 52.4%, Crude Fat (min): 15.26%

Canned Formulas

  • Turkey & Chicken
  • Beef
  • Duck
  • Salmon & Herring
  • Chicken & Turkey
  • Venison


  • Wild Cravings Turkey & Chicken
  • Wild Cravings Herring
  • Wild Cravings Red Meat
  • Wild Cravings Weight Management

Where to Buy

Evo dog food is avaiable at many feed store, pet specialty shops and veterinarian offices. Evo dog food coupons can be found online and will save you money on Evo dog food and treats.

For more information on this high-protein, quality dog food visit the Evo website.