Eagle Pack Dog Food Coupons

Eagle Pack dog food is nutritious dog food that’s been in the business over 25 years and is the official dog food of the Iditarod Sled Dog Races.

Eagle Pack dog food provides the right balance of proteins, fats and carbohydrates, plus antioxidants and omega fatty acids. You’ll notice your dog’s shiny coat, bright eyes, good digestion and energetic spirit when feeding Eagle Pack dog food.

Protein sources for Eagle Pack Dog food include:

  • Chicken Meal – an excellent source of Omega 6 fatty acids, which support healthy coat and skin
  • Anchovy & Sardine Meal – highly digestible protein source
  • Lamb Meal – has a lower incident of allergic response than other commonly used proteins
  • Pork Meal – highly digestible protein
  • Dried egg product – increases protein biological value
  • Lamb – an excellent protein source
  • Turkey – a clean combination of skin and flesh without the bone, and an excellent source of protein and essential fatty acids
  • Chicken – clean combination of skin and flesh derived from whole chicken
  • Beef – high quality protein
  • Beef Liver – contains Vitamins E and A and is a good source of iron
  • Chicken Liver – excellent source of Vitamins A & D and practically all B vitamins
  • Lamb Liver – high quality protein source, full of iron, Vitamins A & D


Eagle Pack is committed to quality and attaining the highest standards in pet food safety. Their quality assurance process is based on human food manufacturing practices and goes far beyond what’s considered standard in pet food. Quality assurance specialists make sure each product is the absolute best.

Ingredient Selection

  • All natural ingredients
  • No artificial colors, preservatives or additives
  • Ingredient supplier certification
  • Strict specifications for all ingredients

 Supplier Selection

  • Suppliers must pass self-evaluation survey
  • Suppliers must pass human food quality audit
  • Require HACCP (Hazard Analysis Critical Control Points) not required by the FDA for dog food

Eagle Pack Products

Dry Formulas:

  • Eagle Pack Small Bites Original Adult Pork Meal & Chicken Meal
  • Eagle Pack Original Adult Pork Meal & Chicken Meal
  • Eagle Pack Adult Reduced Fat Formula
  • Eagle Pack Original Adult Lamb Meal & Rice
  • Eagle Pack Large & Giant Breed Puppy
  • Eagle Pack Large & Giant Breed Adult
  • Eagle Pack Power Adult
  • Eagle Pack Senior
  • Eagle Pack Puppy

Canned Formulas:

  • Turkey Formula
  • Beef Formula
  • Chicken Formula
  • Lamb Formula

Where to Buy

Eagle Pack dog food is available at many feed stores, veterinarian’s offices and pet specialty shops, and also online. Look for Eagle Pack dog food coupons online.

For more information on this high quality pet food, visit the Eagle Pack website.