Canidae pureSKY & pureLAND dog food coupons March 2011

by dog food savings on March 20, 2011

Canidae Grain Free pureLAND and Grain Free pureSKY are premium highly nutritious dog foods made from natural ingredients and designed to keep your pet healthy and happy.  Canidae is a high quality holistic pet food made in the U.S.A.

Canidae Grain Free pureLAND is a premium food that features fresh bison and lamb meal. With 25% protein, it’s excellent food for working dogs or those with high energy.  The food is easily digested and is made from natural ingredients, along with essential vitamins and amino acid chelated minerals, conditioners for skin and coat, and Omega 3 & 6 fatty acids. 

Canidae Grain Free pureSKY is a premium dog food with fresh duck and turkey. It’s a high protein formula (32%) perfect for working dog breeds or dogs with high energy requirements. Grain free pureSKY has essential vitamins and amino acid chelated minerals, skin and coat conditioners, Omega 6&3 fatty acids and it is easily digested.

You can save $2 off a 5 or 15 pound bag, or $5 off a 30 pound bag of either pureSKY or pureLAND by going here.

Canidae Grain Free pureLAND and pureSKY contain no wheat, corn, grain fractions, glutens, soy, or fillers.

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