Bil Jac Dog Food Coupons

Bil-Jac Foods Inc. was founded in 1947 by two brothers, Bill and Jack Kelly, who felt there was a lot of improvement needed in pet nutrition. When the company started, the only product they sold was Bil-Jac frozen dog food, which used fresh meat sources and was frozen until ready to feed.

Over the years, customers asked why the company didn’t make dry dog food. Bill responded that he didn’t want to make a dry dog food until he was confident it was a product of the same quality as his frozen foods. Bill was mostly concerned with the traditional meat-rendering process used in pet food manufacturing. “Most manufacturers get their primary protein source from some sort of rendered meal, and the manufacturer has no control over how these products are handled before they go into the meal,” Kelly explained. This process raised temperatures used to dry the meat products so high that the nutritional value was sacrificed. Bill and Jack Kelly didn’t want to sacrifice nutrients, and they also didn’t want to give control of this process to anyone else.

Over the next 10 years, the brothers tested and developed a vacuum-drying process that allowed moisture to be driven from meat without losing nutritional value, and about half the temperature of the traditional process. In the mid 80’s, Bil-Jac released a line of dry pet foods, as well as canine liver treats.

The company has never spent much on advertising, preferring to put dollars into the food and the manufacturing process. They rely on word of mouth to promote their products. Kelly stressed their goal wasn’t to be the largest pet food manufacturer, but “to do the best we can for dogs.”

Bil-Jac Super Premium dog food is unique, using more fresh chicken than any other dog food. They use the highest quality and quantity of fresh chicken and fresh chicken organ meat. Then, they use their low temperature vacuum process and add just the right amount of vitamins and minerals. No fat is added, there are no grain gluten meals or grain proteins included in their formulas, and the carbohydrates added are for nutritional balance. The unique processing method often eliminates allergic symptoms that can occur from carbohydrates that aren’t properly processed.


  • Bil Jac Puppy
  • Bil Jac Senior with Chicken & Oatmeal
  • Bil Jac Select Adult
  • Bil Jac Large Breed Puppy
  • Bil Jac Small Breed Select Adult
  • Bil Jac Small Breed Puppy
  • Bil Jac Large Breed Select Adult
  • Bil Jac Reduced Fat Dog Food
  • Bil Jac Frozen Dog food
  • Bil Jac Liver Treats
  • Gooberlicious Treats
  • Little-Jacs Treats
  • Yapple-Nanas and PB-Nanas treats
  • America’s VetDogs treats
  • Noggin Nuggets
  • Smart Defense
  • Brilliance Bites
  • Crunchy treats
  • Training biscuits

Where to Buy

Bil-Jac is sold in Petsmart, many feed stores and some veterinarian’s offices. Bil-Jac coupons can sometimes be found online or in local ads and will save you money.

For more info, visit the Bil-Jac website.