Best Puppy Food

When you get your puppy home to play, love and care for you want to ensure that you are giving them the best life possible. This means providing them with love, shelter, and food. Good food is very important to your dogs health and there are a number of options out there when it comes to puppy food. With all those choices it may be hard to sort through what is good for your dog and what is not. Remember that there is more to raising a puppy then just feeding them, so wouldn’t it be great to get the best puppy food and also get free tips on raising your puppy through each stage of their life?

Luckily for you this is possible. By signing up for the Purina healthy start program you will get a $2 off coupon towards any bag of Purina Puppy chow, and you will also receive monthly age-specific advice, tips and more!

Purina Puppy Chow Review

When providing nutrition for your puppy you need to consider your puppies health, your budget and your convenience, some people prefer to feed their dogs raw dog food, others buy bags of puppy food that pushed $100 per bag while most find a happy median. Just because Purina Puppy chow doesn’t cost $100 does not mean it is not healthy

Purina Puppy chow provides high quality protein which promotes the healthy development of your dog. One nutrient that is very important to brain and vision in a puppy is DHA and you can find the perfect amount of DHA in the Purina puppy food. Perhaps one of the most important factors of the food is the taste, afterall if your puppy does not eat it then they won’t get any nutrition at all!

Nutritional breakdown

Purina puppy chow contain 27 percent crude protein, 12 percent fat and 5 percent fiber. There are also other vitamins and nutrients but the top three that are important for puppies are protein fat and fiber. Protein is good for the muscles while a high fat count is VERY important for active puppies. Fiber will help them digest their food

The joy of FREE Puppy Training

Finding an affordable and quality brand of puppy food is great, but the icing on the cake is definitely the free puppy training. If you sign up now for the Healthy Start program you get a $2 off coupon and free training for your puppy

I know how hard training a puppy can be so getting some friendly and helpful tips by email will certainly help a lot, and hey, saving $2 is pretty sweet as well!